January 2022 Pastoral Letter

New roads

When the star had stopped

And they had seen the baby

They took a new road

When the decorations come down

And we have heard the story

We take a new road

New roads can be scary,

New roads are exciting

New roads are risky

It is time to go

Star maker


Holy spirit of adventure

Come with us as we journey through this new year.


Dear Friends,

This was the prayer which I closed my letter with last year. I think there was an air of anticipation of a much better year to come than the one we were saying goodbye to and closing the door on of 2020.

We are here at the start of 2022 and the main theme 12 months on still seems to be Covid 19 and what the next installment will bring. Thankfully most of us were able to spend time together with family members this year that was not able possible the previous Christmas, on a positive, more and more people are being vaccinated and boosted, which will save more and more lives, and help prevent serious illness.

We have celebrated Epiphany which was Thursday 6th January, and the Magi are returning back to their places of origin. They were returning changed by their experience of the baby in the manger “our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The dictionary definition of Epiphany is

“The manifestation of Christ to the gentiles as represented by the Magi”


“A moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.”

How has our witness and worship of Christ born in humility affected us this Christmas just gone? As we gather as the body of the church in our areas, and begin our new journey through 2022 what Epiphany moments experienced in Christmas 2021 are we going to share and have the faith to be bold and put into action in 2022.

As covenant services take place in January in our Churches we are asked to renew and rededicate our lives to what Christ calls us to. Those not already members may feel God calling them in a new direction and so seal their commitment to their local church by exploring their discipleship and thinking about becoming a member. To those the words which open the covenant prayer “I am no longer my own but yours, put me to what you will”. May hold trepidation and fear. It will be 10 years this January that as I said those word’s I knew I was making my commitment to explore a call to presbyteral ministry and give all that I had and was to God to serve him as he bid me. That I would be guided by the one who already knew my future and what it held, even though I was not fully sure.

I am hoping to run a united membership course across the churches in this section, before I go on Sabbatical more information will follow.

For some the words “ or laid aside for you” will be difficult when sitting back from certain roles, and positions that they have held for a long while.

I would like to wish you all a happy new year, whatever it may hold may you all know that God goes before you he is already opening the doors for us to go in and explore, may we not be fearful of change, and commitment, may we hear what God is saying and calling us may we put our trust in the one whose power a glory is above all things.

Reverend Angela

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